Free The Slaves

An empowering partnership between:

Free The Slaves and DoneGood
Free The Slaves and DoneGood
Free The Slaves and DoneGood

Created in partnership between DoneGood and Free the Slaves, one of the world’s most effective anti-human trafficking organizations, Fashion for Freedom is the online store where you know your purchases support brands free of trafficked labor and instead empower workers with good wages. All products–and exclusive discounts–are from brands that are partners of Free the Slaves Fashion for Freedom Campaign and have been DoneGood-approved for ethical business practices.

Free the Slaves is considered a leader and pioneer in the modern abolitionist movement. There are 40 million people living in slavery around the world, many of them working in supply chains that produce everyday products we all buy. Together, we are making it easy for people to find products they know are slavery-free so they can feel good about what their purchases are supporting.

Human trafficking is a $150 billion a year illicit industry. Consumers have incredible power to make an impact. Redirecting our purchases to brands we know are slavery-free helps these businesses be more successful and encourages other businesses to do more to ensure their supply chains are free of human trafficking.

Diverting purchases to slavery-free companies is one of the most powerful ways we can all take part in the fight to end slavery.

DoneGood donates 10% of revenue earned from sales through this site to Free the Slaves efforts to fight human trafficking around the globe.

So, your purchases support ethical brands–and on-the-ground nonprofit efforts–to end slavery once and for all.